Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Enchantment Shop, Mogollon Rim, Heber-Overgaard, Arizona

Previously, Bo Savage saw Lilly's apparition in the Verde Valley mists. Evening Star, who had sealed Max and Lilly in her gold mine, escaped along the Mogollon Rim.

 Mary Maude, a young widow formerly known as Evening Star and of Yavapai-Apache descent, came to Heber-Overgaard in Eastern Arizona and bought an abandoned general store. She traded in antiques, baking tasty pies and delicious snicker doodle cookies
     Prospering in her small shop which Mary called The Enchantment, she became a mysterious fixture in the Heber-Overgaard area. No one knew where Mary Maude came from, or where she got her yellow nuggets.
     One rainy afternoon Johnny Quicksilver, of unknown origins and a tall, lean man dressed in black ,came to town and stopped at Mary’s. The two clicked after Johnny sampled her snicker doodles and tasted her pie. He lingered and Mary Maude fell in love with Johnny, who happened to be a notorious Colorado bank robber.
    The two of them settled in at Mary's shop. Johnny disappeared from time to time taking his “trips”. One evening Johnny returned to the Enchantment after having stopped at the Red Onion Saloon to down a few. He shared his take with Mary and told her about the new piano player at the saloon, a fetching woman in white who could play and sing like a bird. Immediately Mary went stiff and recalled the woman in white among the pines on the Mogollon Rim.      After Johnny had fallen asleep, Mary donned her cape and walked to the Red Onion. As usual voices were loud and tinny piano chords floated on the chill night air. She went in, going to the end of the bar where the owner, Bub, was toting up bills. She sidled up to Bub and gave, asking about the new piano player, the pretty lady in white.
     Bub scratched his bald head and blinked. There was no new piano player. And no lady in white.
     A few years later in the early 1920s Mary joined Johnny on a bold plan to rob the San Miguel Bank in Telluride, a bustling Colorado gold town. Mary and Johnny died in a furious shootout during the bank robbery. It was an ambush as the sheriff had been tipped in advance by the new piano player that he was courting, a Miss Lilly.
     Johnny and Mary are survived by their gifted daughter, Ella Mae Quicksilver. 

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