Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Savages, Mile High Saloon, Jerome, Arizona


Previously, Evening Star caught Max and Lilly together in her Yavapai-Apache gold mine and sealed their fate.

Bo Savage owned and worked the bar at the Jerome Mile-High Saloon. Bo's world collapsed when his wife died suddenly, causing Bo to take to drink.
       His world brightened when Miss Lilly, an alluring piano player, walked into the saloon one day and offered to play the piano for food and board. As Miss Lilly settled in each evening, Bo's fondness grew and he became convinced that she was singing her love songs for him, and only him.  
       But then Lilly ran off with Max, a prospector married to an Apache Indian Princess, who  knew the location of the fabled Yavapai-Apache gold mine, also known as the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.
        At night Bo would sit on his back porch overlooking the Verde Valley. After a bottle or two, he would swear he could hear Lilly calling him on the night winds, pleading for Bo's help.         
       One evening a neighbor saw Bo leap from his chair, wave his arms as he called, -Lilly, what yellow mine?
       Bo cupped his ear and swayed in the night breeze. He peered into the darkness seeing a vision in white among the Valley mists. Then Bo tripped, toppled off the porch head first and fatally broke his neck.
       Lilly and Max were never found. And Evening Star, the Apache Princess, vanished.


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